salam fellow friends...

Equation 1: happy + sad = ??

Equation 2: worry + excited = ??

Equation 3: happy + sad + worry + excited = ????

can it be heartless?

if only heart can tell what you feel... can it?

perhaps..not a satorare.

p/s: indescribable - is there such word?


Anonymous said...

Heart can tell but u need to understand it deeply becos the way it tells is very complicated.
Sometimes you'll feel that you're happy but actually you're sad.
So, understand your heart first.

Master J said...

satorare 2 apa???

Kema Azeman said...

yeah. satorare tu ape? i dont see any word connection there. its definitely a grammatical error sbb d words doesnt makes sense; its not even a word. huhu

undescribable. that is a lexical gaps word...a word that is not in the dictionary (try r check..mmg takde) n it doesnt even exist, but when it is used, it can still be understood. y? becos u knw the law of producing a word. u knw describe is a noun. un- is a prefix which means 'not' and -able is suffix to turn a noun into an adjective (kate sifat). so undescribable falls into an adjective category. so u got: un-describe-able which means not able to describe. its not a grammatical error but d word doesnt even exist but still undertandable. amazing kan? check out the dictionary! it DOES NOT exist. BUT its undestandable. ahhh..human is just so genius...Syukr for the 'aql.

owhh...lari topikla plak. ala...br je bc td...tgh praktikkan la ni huhu

Kema Azeman said...

owhhh..u use IN-describable rupenye...shilap lah. hahah. but still quite d same ting. a lexical gaps. checkout d dictionary. yes! kamus itu kini agak da jadi my study buddy. haihh!

3p4h said...

Achik pelik~

Mesti ngah blaku sesuatu kan??? Erm...

p/s: Bulan Feb ni mcm2 bnda blaku

aRiff said...

macam fishy je equations nie...to my understanding, ni cam nak engaged or nikah je ni...btol ke?? kekeke...:P

alif zai mim ra said...

kpd Knowlee: but how to describe the situation whr you have both feelings at the same time?

kpd MJ: satorare..a japanese word i took from a Japanese series. :P

a satorare means a person who can't hide his feelings whether he wants it or not. and people can know what he feels because his heart has say it out loud without him knowing. this situation usually annoy most of the people.

erm, sounds cool, right? but Allah has His own reason for not making us satorares.

kpd Kema yg Chomey~ ^_^: so does this mean i can use the word, sensei? :P

kpd 3p4h: apa yang peliknya, along?

kpd Ariff: masyaAllah.. kamu faham gitu ye? erm, it can be but i'm not in condition of getting engaged or married. ;)

akutaktahu said...

happy+sad = hasad
worry+excited= recited
happy+sad+w0rry+excited recited it as hasad =p

erm.. heartless ke?

Sesungguhnya dengan mengingati Allah,hatikan tenang...=)

Apa jua yg berlaku,belajarlah daripadanya...

3p4h said...

Achik mmg pelik kot....

~ingt kata2 angah

alif zai mim ra said...

kpd akutaktahu: err..tiada perasaan hasad yang berlaku di sini ye. jangan salah faham.

kpd 3p4h: achik memang pelik. pelik itu kan unik. :P

p/s: jangan salah faham dengan entri ni ek. huhu... i just want to know your description on those mixed feelings. nothing unusual happens here. huhu...