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Salam my fellow friends...

tonight's entry is related to my previous question on this entry.

yup, different people have their own precious things. one said it is time, others said taqwa or fear to Allah and health. nevertheless, a DSLR is also a precious gadget one could posses. yup, a DSLR... rindu

thank you for your responses.

i have my own precious too. which i believe many own it but only some realize its presence. even i just realize it. Thank You, Allah for reminding me of your ni'mah.

the precious thing is called the Iman.

why is iman or faith being the most precious?

here's a story i would like to share with you. it happened last week. the story below i copied from my doc. so, read it as it happened today. kenyit

I experience something valuable today. I sat for a midterm paper this evening. Alhamdulillah, I’ve tried my best and hopefully the result going to be OK. However, what I want to tell you today is not about how tough or easy the questions was, it’s about what happen before that evening.

To be honest, I have to finish studying and revising 6 weeks of lectures last night. At university level, 6 weeks of lectures are equal to 6 chapters. Imagine that... to finish them all in one night... pergh~ well, due to terrible-day tiresome and the delicious nasi ayam I ate for dinner at 10p.m., I successfully finish reading 1 chapter that night.. Yup, finish reading only and no hand written notes..

That morning, I woke up early. I forced myself to be awake and tried to finish 1 more chapter before I went for the morning class at 8.30 a.m. As usual, I went for shower 15 minutes before 8.30, and end up rushing to catch my friend’s car.

As I reached the class, as usual, I checked my phone – somewhat ‘very valuable and important’ to me – in the bag to put it in silent mode. Then I realized that my phone wasn’t there at the usual place. At first I thought I’ve accidentally drop it somewhere on my way to the class. But then I thought maybe I drop it in the car. It bothered me throughout the class and I felt bad. I started imagining what could happen if it really lost, if someone took it, should I buy a new one, does it mean I would lose all contact numbers and lots more strange thoughts. I thought if it really lost, I’ll be sad because I’ve lost something I treasured due to my carelessness. I don’t want a new phone. But then again, another thought came out telling me that I’m supposedly be focusing on reading and revising the notes instead of bothering about the phone. There goes my morning – to study for midterm, to think about my phone, and to focus on the lectures... -_- what else can I do than to calm and tell myself that everything’s going to be OK. Just be positive and be cool.

I started looking for it as soon as the class finished. I searched on the path I went... it wasn’t there. I prayed that hopefully it’s in the car... but it wasn’t there. Strange thoughts came to haunt me again. I kept reminding myself, “be positive, maybe you left it in the room.”

Calmly, before heading home, we went to the cafĂ© to buy our brunch. I bought nasi lemak, as it’s a heavy meal and I thought it could hold my stomach till dinner. :P

All the way to my room, I prayed and hoped that my precious phone is in there and I can continue my study for the exam. Strange thoughts came again. I asked myself why could this happen, have I did something wrong. Whatever happens, I believe there must be a reason behind all these.

I kept on reminding myself to be calm till I reach my room. And guess what... it was there on the bed. Alhamdulillah. I guess I forgot to put it inside my bag. I prayed my grateful to Him and asked for His forgiveness for I might have done wrong.

Without further delay, I continued having my brunch and revising the notes. I usually put on some music before I start studying just to freshen up. As usual I put on Opick’s. At the same time, my mind won’t stop thinking about what happen just now.

While studying, I changed the played song from Opick to Brothers. It happened suddenly that I want to hear a song from Brothers. Particularly this one song which I don’t remember the title. I tried to recall the name of the song and it is entitled Iman and I searched it in my list of Brothers song but it wasn’t there. Then I searched in Mirwana’s because Brothers used to be known as Mirwana.

As I listened to the song, something came up and I can hear my heart said, “This is what I’ve been looking for!” Subhanallah!

I tried to make a connection between the phone incident and Iman. In the situation, I tried to imagine if Iman is the phone. It’s ACTUALLY and SUPPOSED TO BE something valuable and very important in life. If you say that the phone is the most precious thing and we must keep it safe from harm and danger (i.e. the virus), same goes to Iman. We must keep it safe from ma’siat, devil’s persuasions, and doing wrong deeds and always do good deeds to increase our Iman.

Now I know why sometimes I feel empty, clueless, and lost. It’s because of the Iman. The emptiness was due to the lack of so-called ‘spiritual content’ or ‘food’. I believe it’s a fitrah which all humans will experience this emptiness and search for the truth. To those who are searching, keep on searching and don’t give up. Sometimes it comes when you least expect it. kenyit

I think that’s about it. I hope you get the message.

I’ve found my Iman and I promise to keep it safe with me and try my best to increase it. My next step - Istiqamah.

So, how about you? What's the most precious thing in your life?


3p4h said...

Oh begitukah achik? Alg fhm.

Ibaratkn HP = Iman ya? Bila hilang HP (iman) tu, tak keruan jadinya kita. Apa yg kita buat, semuanya mcm xmenjadi. Fokus pn ilang...

At the end, tyme bnda 2 tak de baru kita rasa hilangnya brg bharga kita 2.

Bl kita da cari, cari dan cari n akhirnya jumpa, barulah kita rasa selamat. Puas~ Subhanallah.

p/s: DSLR bkn yg utama dan bkn yg tkemudian...He5..

Ghuraba said...

Alhamdulillah :>

a.K.u said...

"Kebahagiaan orang yang beriman adalah dengan mencintai ALLAH. CINTA kepada ALLAh adalah kebahagiaan yang dasarnya lebih dalam dari setiap sesuatu yang dalam. Hanya mereka yang sungguh-sungguh beriman dapat merasakanya. Dan perasaan itu tidak boleh di gantika..."


Dengan Iman:
~hati tenang,
~jiwa damai
~tidak mudah tergoncang dengan ujian

Ayuh! Kita perkasakan iman kita!