The Happening Episode 2

Salam people...

so, what's up with the suicide attempts?? have you figure them out?? szakif has the closest answer. *big applause for him :D*

yup, this story has a bit..pardon me, a lot of 'psycho' scenes especially the suicide parts. and i don't enjoy watching those scenes.

well, according to the story, at first, they blame the terrorist. but later they found out that the brutal actions were actually caused by toxin gas spreaded by the plants and trees. "pengaruh kuasa jahat" said szakif.

but the plants aren't evil psycho killers. they happen to be like that because they are reacting towards human stimulus.

here's a couple of dialogs that i remember from the movie:

"plants can actually react to our stimulus. "

"i talk to my plants sometimes."

sounds funny, right? but for some reasons, i believe it. i don't mean that i believe plants can give powers. NO WAYY...

you see, plants are living creatures like us too. they grow, they eat, they produce, and they can even communicate. and of course, for us, we can communicate with them.

ingat lagi masa belajar kat sekolah dulu, ustaz pernah ajar. dalam dunia ini ada 3 hubungan manusia: (1) hubungan manusia dengan Tuhan; (2) hubungan manusia sesama manusia; (3) hubungan manusia dengan alam sekitar.

alam sekitar refers to the plants, animals, and all living and non-living creatures in the universe.

in that story, from my understanding, the plants spread this killing toxin to remind humans from continually destroying the world. it's just toxin. compare to humans technological weapons, the plants only use toxin which is far more deadly and brutal. dahsyat tu!!

so, the moral of the story is: let's keep our environment safe and clean. water your plants. throw away your litter to the bin. let's make peace, not war! :D :D

p/s: to be honest, The Happening makes me wondering the whole day just to understand the whole point of the story. huhu

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szakif said...

wah!! kiranye ape yang aku guess tu memang tepat gak ah. cuma aku tak tahu nak bagi ape example kuasa jahat yang menyebabkan mereka membunuh, atau terbunuh. huhu..

apa yang aku suka dengan filem2 omputeh ni ialah diorang banyak memaparkan kesah yang mengandungi moral yang sangat tinggi. kekadang tak terlawan filem2 malaysia yang konon2nye berwajahkan asia tapi banyak diselitkan dengan adegan2 cinta sememeh yang tak perlu dan takde moral, melainkan untuk tujuan komersial semata-mata.

but it's back to the penonton balik. katenye, apa yang dinamakan komersial itu ialah apa2 yang menjadi bahan penarik untuk orang menonton. jadi maksudnya memang orang2 malaysia ni suka menonton cerita cinta sememeh ke?