The True Happiness

salam people...

below are my notes on today's subject: UNGS 2050K - Ethics and Fiqh in Everyday Life.
let us wonder for a moment, shall we? kenyit

  • is there an absolute good or bad, or is it relative, related to our basic needs, related to our expediency?

  • from where usually we know what is good and what is bad? is it from the religion or the works of the human mind?

  • can the human mind know the absolute good and the absolute bad?

  • why do we need to know what is good and what is bad?

answers? i bet all of you can answer all the questions on your own. senyum

throughout the one-hour class, Ustazah Zakiah popped up a question and wrote on the board.. - this is my favourite part.

the question was:
"what is happiness in Islam?"
and she said:
"the true and complete happiness is when He Accept us as His servant."

oohh...that's strike me straight to the head! sengal! and i just realized..that is the thing i've been working for..which was back then. and now..now? still working on it but not as hard as last time. things change - the atmosphere, commitment, and social..it's different now. i have to cope with that. and i feel the loss.. dan rasa sakit banget...

sometimes, i don't know where i am now. the feeling of lost and confused is haunting and bugging me and that is bad. i miss the 'spiritual touch' like usrah (to those who don't know - usrah is where a group of people meet and discuss about thoughts, current issues, and spiritual and motivational matters) and tazkirah. you know, usrah is the place where to 'recharge' our empty hearts. alhamdulillah, me and my fellow friends are trying to work it up. even my classmates have started the tazkirah session. good for them and us. yeay!

p/s: i need to 'recharge' myself. chaiyok2, girl!! :astig:

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