i hate farewells...

salam people...

today's thursday
Hana's last day
here in IIUM

all of the sudden
out of the blue
she's leaving us

she's offered to further her studies
in dentistry
in Egypt

that's far away
sooo far away

we had sate last night
all of us were there
wishing congrats and thank yous

i was touched by the moment

it's hard to find
someone like you
these days

i love you, Hana
i love you with all my heart
and now you're leaving
bringing a piece of my heart with you
to somewhere far from here
there's nothing for you but that small piece
keep the precious piece safe with you

i told you before
i don't like giving love
it hurts when its gone
it hurts me badly

i hate farewells

i love you, Hana.
we all gonna miss you.
take care.
hugs and kisses for you.

hana's with brown hijab

p/s: Angah pun akan pergi tak lama lagi...


alif zai mim ra said...

Hana, i'm gonna miss your 'tall' handwriting. and don't worry about Al. she'll be safe with us. :)

szakif said...

owh.. kenal sude~

all the best la hana kat sane eh..

szakif said...

hawa, aku da bertegur sapa dengan epa. mase jumpe tu, dia cam blur2 sape aku. huhu~

-yang ni aku nak letak kat chatbox tapi dia kate ko lock chatbox ko. ape kes?

alif zai mim ra said...

kpd szakif: epah tu xperasan kot. ala..gtau je ni zaki yg blanje hawa mkn sikirito resipito..knl la dier nti..heheh.

pasal chatbox tu..saje lock..lalala~