Love Hurts Yet It's Beautiful


these are the things i do to make myself happy...
i play when i'm bored
i sing when i'm sad
i sleep when i'm hurt
i smile when i'm happy

i don't cry
i want to
i tried
but i can't

does this mean i have no heart?

to me
i hate giving love
giving love is priceless
because i only have one heart

love hurts
love makes feelings
there are good feelings and bad feelings
i love good feelings...
Thank You, ALLAH for the good feelings
i hate bad feelings...
they make me feel bad
they make my heart hurts
they make me feel heartless

i don't want to be heartless
heartless means nothing..
that is robot
i used to be one
but that was then

i'm not perfect
angels are perfect
Muhammad's perfect
i'm not an angel
i'm not Muhammad
i make mistakes
and i'm sorry

don't make me hate
i don't want to hate
hate destroys hearts

let's be a kid
like i always be
being an adult is boring
and serious

"Then which of the blessings of your Lord will you both deny?" 55:13

"maka kuatkanlah, wahai Tuhan akan ikatan ini"

p/s: i do have feelings. you have feelings. don't ignore them. don't mistreat them. ;)
p/s/s: don't be a hypocrite and please, be true to your friends.


TimMie said...

budak kecil ini sudah jatuh cintakah?

alifzaimimra said...

kpd ladyinblue: entri ni nmpk mcm tu ke? ahaha..jgn salah faham...baca ayat terakhir entri. ;)

Nurhasanah Mz said...

Dearest Hawa,

tak aci tak aci

takde rupe sipi pun ;P

Yang kekal hanya cintaNya ;)

alifzaimimra said...

kpd As: ade je..orang putih ckp read btwn the lines. hehe.. n yup..cintaNya kekal sampai bile2. :)

Anonymous said...

Achik poyOs yg lampi..... =p Sudah pndai berayat-ayat jiwa...

alifzaimimra said...

kpd Along: tak habis-habis dengan lampi tu...

TimMie said...

xsalah paham
cm mgkin sy xpaham
mklum la org simple-minded

alifzaimimra said...

kpd ladyinblue: tak faham pn takpe. ;)