Boycott Tag

salam people...

for so long i've been avoiding this game called Tag. why? one word: "leceh". you can look in any Malay dictionary for the meaning. :P

i've been tagged by her, her, and him. i told them that i won't answer their tags. but still, promise is a promise. so i'll answer them whenever i'm free, aite.

the latest tag i got was from him. he actually tagged me twice and i hate him so bad that i decided to boycott his blog. :P

the tag is to tell about those products by Israel and those who did contribute to Israel that we need to boycott.

The rules are as follows:
  1. List down 5 of the products that you are boycotting
  2. List down 5 of the products that you will try your best to boycott
  3. List another 5 of the products that you find it's hard to boycott

5 products that i'm boycotting and never buy:

  1. Nestle including Nescafe and Nestum
  2. Coca Cola
  3. Maggi
  4. Starbucks
  5. Kotex

5 products that i will try my best to boycott:

  1. KFC
  2. McD
  3. Carrefour
  4. Johnson and Johnson
  5. Danone

5 products that i find hard to boycott:

  1. Disney's movie :(
  2. Pizza Hut
  3. 20th Century Fox
  4. Intel
  5. Google
please refer here for full list of boycott products.

i've start boycotting since i was in matriculation which was almost four years ago. it was hard at first especially to boycott things that i like the most which was McD back then. i always go to the McD with my cousin during the weekends just to have our favourite meal: french fries and sundae. McD has the best french fries. but for the sake of Palestine, i stop McD at once. yup, it was hard. but let's do it for the sake of our brothers and sisters in Palestine. Allahu Akbar!

OK, i usually don't like to do this but here's people i want to tag:
  1. Kema
  2. Dik Fikree
  3. Fatihah
  4. Cik Semut
  5. razifembi

hopefully our little effort here will help to support Palestine.

remember to recite Qunut Nazilah each time you pray. Wallahua'lam.


3p4h said...

"he actually tagged me twice and i hate him so bad that i decided to boycott his blog. :P"

~Selambe achik nk boikot blog along... Huh. Silakan...

p/s: Boikot ikut keutamaan.

razifembi said...

hi dear ...

it hard for me to note down all the items you stated below ...

actually I wrote already but some part I dont any answer ... so I erased it all ... hahaha ..kkerja bodo rite?

might be the sunday morning mood ...

I also alway lazy bone to answer any TAG ... and because of that you can see in my blog there is no TAG section there even once...

btw ...Thanks for tagged me ...

wonderful to get know you ...

And ... I also hate Jews and Americans, I keep away from coke, mcd, kfc, caltex, starbuck and others ....

hope you also do the same thing...


P.Pinang, MY

alif zai mim ra said...

kpd 3p4h: boikot.. boikot.. boikot blog Along! hehe

kpd razifembi: salam bro. though you didn't answer the tag in your blog, i still want to say thank you for responding. actually, i don't like answering tags too. ;)

yup, boycott is a MUST for all of us right now, regardless what race and religion he/she is. it's one of the most effective ways we can do to stop the Israelis. i don't say we have to hate the Jews totally because not all Jews are as cruel as the Israelis. it's actually the Zionist who does the killings. it's something that we have to understand. don't get me wrong here, ya.

razifembi said...

yeah thanks for your understanding ....

i might put "pls dont TAG me "

but it seem little bit rude right?