salam people...


that's what i want to be right now
to disappear from others.

to disappear as if i'm dead.
our beloved Muhammad never taught us to ask for death.
my deeds are not enough (read: qualify) to let me stay in Heaven
even to touch the gate of Heaven

but people,
don't get me wrong here.
dead here means to be vanished from others
for as long as i can
if only i can...


my dearest have gone
leaving me here
to catch her dream

the same day
i received a message
telling that someone i love
someone close to me
is going to leave the town
and stay with her family
and probably never come back

like how Chuck felt when he lost his father in Gossip Girl
that was how i felt
alone and pathetic

both persons i mentioned above are my friends
to imagine life without them is hard

maybe i can cope with the first lost
but for the second?


i've told you some time before.
you know, that those things i'd do to make me happy
i don't do it anymore
because those thing won't help me much
to help me cope with life right now

but to cry...
i do that often.
it is so easy to drop tears now
not just because of some movies i watched
it happens sometimes...
and i don't know why

but don't worry...
i'll always try my best to smile too.

once, a friend told me
that friends come and go
and we promised to be together no matter what
but that's just a promise
and now, i've stop giving hope to that promise
it hurts me sometimes
but i'm fine.

once, in a conversation
a friend ask me "sape lagi geng kau ek?"
i replied, "aku mane ade geng."
and we laughed.
my friend,
i just realized,
"aku geng dengan semua orang."


you can find friends everywhere
but best friends...they're not everywhere

i often hear this a lot
"best friends are friends who can be with you always
whether when you're sad or happy"

i can't agree more with the statement
after i realize what that ALWAYS means
ones who being in front of you always
does not necessarily mean that they are your best friends
erm..you get what i mean?

dear best friends...
thank you for being there for me
i dedicate the song "Teman Sejati" for you.

"kawan itu kan pinjaman Tuhan"



Master J said...

awww emo ke skrg ni??hehe..rindu kema eh??yelah..u kan bff dia..hehe..xpelah..she's doing what she wants in gombak..pray she succeeds =)

alif zai mim ra said...

kpd MJ: always will. :)

3p4h said...

Disappear: Achik. itu bkn jln pnyelesaiannya.

Gone: Setiap pertemuan pasti ada perpisahan...

Friend: Gurls thing.. ada je puak2nya.. Tp achik x eh? ~"aku geng dengan semua orang."

Daijobu: Alg masih xphm apa mkna daijobu...

alif zai mim ra said...

kpd 3p4h:

Disappear: baca "if only i can..."

Gone: "friends come and go"

Friend: kalau takda, pelik ke?

Daijobu: cari sendiri maknanya. :P

3p4h said...

Mmg bca pn...

Bkn frens je, sume bnda kt dnia ni akn dtg n pergi...

Xcakap pn kalo xda, pelik...


a.K.u said...

Biarpun tiada sesiapa lagi utk kita di dunia ni...

Jgn risau..

Kita masih ada Allah...

alif zai mim ra said...

kpd a.K.u: >:D<

Anonymous said...
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