My Letter to Saviour for Mr. FYP and Ramadhan


i want to dedicate this song to my dearest Mr. FYP. i think i'm in love with him.

You should’ve known I’m here for you
I can let go if I want to

You shouldn’t have taken me for granted
Or baby, I’ll be out from here and you’ll be sorry for so many years

Sometimes I feel so stupid
Now don’t you go and blame me
You’re not even here
And even if you are, your soul for me has died yeah

Sometimes I feel so worthless
Now don’t you go and blame me
You gave me hopes
But I’m the only one who’s working it

I need to be saved
I need to be cured
I need to be fixed
Would you be my prince?

Or are you just another lesson of life?
Please don’t, please be my rainbow
And not raindrops from the sky

"Letter to Saviour" by Wani Ardy

lovenote: i like the last part of this song. so Mr. FYP, please be my rainbow. i hope our relationship will help us to know HIM more and may HE Bless us all. i heart you, Mr. FYP.

lovenote.two: "has she gone mad?? hopefully not. i think she's being too excited to see Ramadhan again. insyaAllah. ;)"


~~DucKneSs~~ said...

kemaruk wani ardy lagi ya? :D

silalah berchenta dgn fyp anda, sy pulak nak berchenta ngn eksperimen sy nih..huhuhu..aminnnn..

alif zai mim ra said...

tu la.. tak habis-habis kan. :P

sama-sama berchenta. Ramadhan jangan lupa. hehe.. Yosh!

da[Y]un said...

Final Year Project ek?

haha..lagu ni leh jadi puisi tuk PUISI KANTOI THE CONTEST kat blog pencari cinta:

huhu..slmt berpuasa