Death and Us

Salam people...

entry for today - Death and Us.
"wut do u mean with dat?"
"well, it's simple. it's about death and us. *lol*"
"enough babbling."

Death and Us...
lately, my surroundings are all related to death.

first, last drama i watched: One Litre of Tears
it was a Korean drama based on a true story. (thanks to my friends, i'm now addicted to kdrama.^_^")
summary: a normal 15-year old girl being diagnosed SCD-causes neurons to damage gradually. to overcome her fear of losing senses, she wrote a diary about her painful disease and her hopes. she died 10 years later.
it was a 10-episode drama and i cried for every episode. just like in japanese drama - Yamada Taro Monogatari. *demn*

here's some conversation telling the reason of crying. (mind me of BM conversation..eheh)

AMK: jgn menangis yg bukan2. menangis krn citer yg d lakonkn x dpt pape pon.
me: tp itu yg best. kiter dpt merase perasaan yg jrg kte dpt. hehe..
AMK: menangis adalah perasaan no 1 manusia. no 2 adalah gembira.
me: bkn ke menangis satu perbuatan? sedih itulah satu perasaan. err..tu pndpt sy la.
AMK: betul le tu. sy slh ckit je. tu pon nak berkire.
me: hehe..mane de..
AMK: jd.. xyah le menangis yg sia2.
me: xsia2 pn.. at least sy blaja sumthing.
AMK: pe yg dpt?
me: feeling jgn mudah give up.
AMK: lg?
me: kte xtau kte mati bile... selagi nyawa dikandung bdn, selagi tu la kte kne meneruskan hidup tnpa menyia2kan mase yg ade.

-end of conversation-

second, i just finished reading a blog - http://khalidaziz.blogs.friendster.com/khalids_blog/.
the true story goes like in the korean drama. he wrote about his whereabouts until the day he passed away. to his families, be strong. :)

third, the father of my R&D manager passed away last month. http://haris.blogspot.com/

forth, i watched the so-called scary video recommended by my sister.
(watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KjWQcT4qGUU&feature=related)
summary: it was about three portugeses in a car looking for a place. two guys and a girl. one driving and another one recording the scene. it was at night. when they reached the highway, they saw a young lady(which the audience refer her as the ghost) and they gave her a lift. to cut the story short, they had an accident and two of them died.
my sister told me it was real. she happened to know about it when she went to a talk conducted by an ustaz. i watched it during the day..so less scary la. hehe..(if u ask me whether i believe it or not, that's another issue.)

all in all, i just wanna say that death and us, cannot be separated. the gap between death and us is not that far. it's the nearest thing..like a saying: it's between your two fingers. it's very near, like our own shade. cannot be separated.

Rasulullah PBUH said, the wisest man of all is the man that always think about death. (p/s: i'm not good in delivering hadith..but i hope you can understand my message.^_^")

so people, be prepared. always.
u can live your life to the fullest..but make sure your life is not meant just for you, but also for the sake of other people. be good. avoid evil.

al-fatihah to Bro Khalid and Haris' father. May Allah give strength to both families. aameen.

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NMZ said...

Arwah khalid, die sangat kuat. Dia tak pernah show kesakitan dia. Owh damn, I just cannot have him as my idol. Kena contoh sket..isk3..