My Kind of Sandwich

You Are a Club Sandwich

You have a big personality. It's hard for anyone to ignore you!
You dream big. You think big. And you eat big.
Some people consider you high maintenance, but you just know what you want... and when you want it.

Your best friend: The Tuna Fish Sandwich

Your mortal enemy: The Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

i like the descriptions..
i like the part "it's hard for anyone to ignore you". hehe...
i like to eat tuna fish sandwich...>:)
but i prefer to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwich the most..too bad if it's my mortal enemy.

some might think i'm a perfectionist.
wanna know what, I AM a perfectionist. ahahaha...*evil laugh*

however, i'm learning to take other people's opinion into consideration.
yeah..i've gotta learn to lower my alter ego.

to jaed: la la la... :P

extra info: i'm good at chasing people away. i dunno. it just happen naturally, i guess. ;)


jaed said...

hm.. hello fren!

Akmal Azeman said...

hahaha! besfren jaed~~~ harharhar

btw...u R a perfectionist..it drives me up the wall galfren! :S


alif zai mim ra said...

huhu..sorry kema..can't help it.
but i'm trying to overcome it. sile beri tunjuk ajar. =)