Kisah Sufiah dan Remaja Kita (versi Bahasa Inggeris)

Salam people...

today's entry is related to my previous entry - "Khabar Sufiah dan Remaja Kita". but it's gonna be in English. :)

a big thank you to my friend, Kema for reminding me about this.

here, we might know why Sufiah, the rempits, and others are corrupted. we can't just put blames on each other and end up doing nothing to the poor kids. we should n MUST help them!

why MUST we help them? OK. let say if you happen to know that the person you love the most commited shoplifting(eheh)..what would you do? are you gonna leave him/her alone with their mistake? of course not. you won't leave him/her. same goes to them. you must help them because you love them. treat them like your brothers or sisters.

how should we help them? they are the person you love. so, would you scold him/her? scare them to death? of course you won't, would you? you must have advice or slow talk with him/her so that he/she won't repeat the same mistake again. well, again, same goes to them. we can talk to them and advice them. show them the right way to behave.

well, i guess that's something that everyone should ponder.

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deepthinker said...

Yes! It is really true. We should not just quarrelling about how to do that but end up doing nothing. So, do something whatever, wherever you are with what you have.

NMZ said...

erm, sufiah pun sebenarnye tersepit. Kite tatau mungkin die nak kuar dari sume tuh, tapi nyawa terancam. kalo kita memanglah takkan peduli da lari je, tapi lain kalau dia..


alif zai mim ra said...

oleh itu as...mari kte sesame tlg Sufiah kuar drpd kesempitan itu n tunjuk dier jln yg benar. :D